Editorial – How you gonna come?

It might not seem like it (especially when contemplating the absurdity of certain threads or the disrespect in others), but @news is a project of infrastructure. This building of infrastructure for anarchists is a challenging endeavor–not because many anarchists are young and sure of themselves (so much so that they can’t imagine any perspective other than their own being valid), but because infrastructure is planted in the now. Planting in the here-and-now means doing it in a barren soil.

When building a tool that is intended to be used as a weapon, the inhospitably of the workplace (competition, assumption of bad faith, hostility) must be expected.

That hostility is one of the tests that we face when we work on projects that are, or become, meaningful.

There are many of these tests; sometimes they are quiet, and sometimes they are loud. You may be tested with an arrest, a health issue, or the exposure of parts of your life that you wanted kept private. What is important is not the way in which you are tested but how you deal with the test, and more-so, how you deal with the aftermath (whether you pass or fail). Most of us do not pass our first test. Some of us divulge too much information, some of us are inappropriate with our friends and need to be checked on it, and some of us stay injured for the rest of our lives. The shame of that failure can haunt us. It can chase us away from association with anyone other than coworkers and family. This is a great tragedy.

This withdrawal comes from society’s puritanical insistence that each of us act like ultra-capable, appropriate machines of ideological coherence. That insistence is destroying our ability to grow strong together. We are spending hardly any time picking each other up, other than to tear others down. We aren’t learning skills about how to age, share, or progress through certain perspectives because instead we shine lights on each other; we are pointing at the shadows instead of the washed out faces or the blinded eyes.

When they kick down your front door you have the hardest choice to make, because the weaknesses of all the options have become very clear. Do you turtle up and wait to fight another day (perhaps in a different situation than drawn guns and bully boots), or do you go down in a (metaphorical) blaze of gunfire, never to be seen again.

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